Intro to Men’s Yoga – Tuesdays in January

After a hiatus, Men’s Yoga Corvallis has restarted classes. Days and times have changed with Chair Yoga for Men on Sundays from 4-5pm and the more active Men’s Yoga on Thursdays from 5:30-6:30pm.

But what if you’re new to Yoga, what class should you take?

Well, Men’s Yoga Corvallis is offering a 4 week Intro to Men’s Yoga series in January. We’ll go over the set up of postures, learning the routines, and using props like the chair or blocks to make the exercise enjoyable and attainable. It will be a great way to determine which class is right for you.

So, jump start your new year’s resolutions with Intro to Men’s Yoga on Tuesdays in January from 5:30-6:30pm starting on January 10th. $20 for the 4 week session ($5 a class).

André Alyeska is a Kripalu certified Yoga Instructor, (CYT-200) who has been teaching Men’s Yoga in Corvallis for 10 years. For more info on weekly classes or to pre-register for the January Intro to Men’s Yoga session, please contact André at

Location: Classes are at the Willamette Wellness Center/Fitness Over Fifty. You don’t have to be a member of FOF to attend classes. Intro to Men’s Yoga $20 for the session. For regular classes, First class is free, drop-ins are $10, and it’s $8 a class with the purchase of a 15 class pass. It’s the best deal in town.

New to Yoga and wondering what to wear? Wear loose comfortable clothing.  I recommend knee length basketball shorts (briefs/not boxers, please) under sweats, and a short sleeve TS under a long sleeve TS. You can peel a layer off as needed. Yoga is pretty much done barefoot.  But I’ve had some guys keep shoes on if they’re got foot problems.  Some guys keep the socks on during the opening meditation.

What gear to bring? Most guys bring their own Yoga mat.  But we’ve got loaners, so don’t feel like you have to go out and buy one right away.  If you like the class, and it’s something you want to make part of your regular routine, you’ll probably want to get your own. We’ve got blocks and chairs.

Reviews can be found at: Facebook, Google, and Yoga Trail.

The studio juts prior to beginning Chair Yoga for Men.

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