I’ve been doing yoga with Andre for more than 2 years. At the same time that he is demonstrating a yoga pose to the class, he manages to keep track of each student and offer suggestions in a patient and non-threatening manner for how we can fine-tune our pose to get the maximum benefit. Except when I’m out of town on work travel, I don’t let anything interfere with the weekly yoga class with Andre. I look forward all week long to the next class. – Dudley

I really enjoy yoga and appreciate the welcoming atmosphere you create. – Spencer

Side LungeOn Men’s Yoga:

You have a great teaching style…. as a former group exercise instructor, I know how it goes. – Richard

I liked the workout, I liked the instructor and it seems to finally click with me that I might be able and willing to drive myself to do this as a routine. – John

On kids Yoga:

aa_kidsyogaThis is the first time I’ve felt we really had something to work with that fits (my child). – Angie, parent of a 9 year old.

We love yoga at NP! The program brings stability and flexibility, both body and mind to the kids and staff. Skills, as you know that are much needed with our clients. I really appreciate the work you put into the yoga program. Keep it up! – Jen, Direct Line Staff, Trillium

I feel that it’s very important that people make the extra effort to support others who put their selves/services out there for our kids, and I enjoy your charisma and watching you lead groups. – Andy, Treatment Team Leader, Trillium

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