mug aaThe author… André Alyeska is a Kripalu certified Yoga Instructor, (CYT-200).  He maintains a vigorous hot room studio practice and personal seated meditation.  André has practiced Qigong and has over 150 hours classroom study of the Yoga Sutras with Chase Bossart. He also has a keen interest in energy medicine of the Americas and studies with Ray Crist whenever possible.

André teaches Yoga, Art and Improv at a residential psychiatric treatment facility for children with severe emotional and behavioral issues.  In the community, he mentors youth and teaches classes focusing on children, families and offering Men’s and Senior Men’s Yoga.  For more information on class descriptions: Class Schedule.

The blog… Alyeska-Arts is a website with two missions; one local, one national, (as global seems a bit presumptuous).  The local focus is on promoting Yoga for Men, couples and children taught by the author, in Corvallis, Oregon.  One aspect of that is creating an intentional community among men on the local level. An assumption has been made with that intention; that men are not always well versed at seeking out help or expressing themselves on a deep level.  To that end, the national focus is to unapologetically write to and from the masculine perspective on such topics as Yoga, anthropology, the spirit and relationship.

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