Men’s Yoga – Pandemic Update

Last month we tried to restart the Monday night class via Zoom. Additionally, we experimented with people attending live, while still offering via Zoom for folks at home. This was very limited, only two people in the studio. I wanted to gauge my ability to teach both Zoom and in person attendees at the same time, as well as our comfort level without masks.

The short take is that I think it could have worked. However, that changed with the statewide order requiring masks indoors. I do not want to teach or do this practice with a mask or shield on, it’s too much of a distraction for me personally. Many have also shared with me a similar disinterest in trying to practice Yoga with a mask on.

  • So, it’s back to Zoom only classes for the foreseeable future.
  • Monday’s class is canceled again. Though I am game to restart it, via Zoom, if there’s more interest.
  • Wednesday Morning’s Chair Yoga for Men class has been doing well and will continue. If you haven’t tried it, please do. I find it a very compassionate practice, especially at this time with all that is going on.


Chair Yoga for Men via Zoom

Wednesday’s at 7am PST

All you need is a sturdy chair with no arm rests or swivel and a mat.  If you’re practicing on a carpet you may not even need a mat, and it might work better to have shoes on.


I do not publish the Zoom chat information online, to screen out the would be ne’er-do-wells. So if you’re finding out about this class for the first time, please email me for more info.

Stay Safe!



Survey Results:

It should be said that while many of us are fatigued by the pandemic and there’s certainly a range of responses, a big part of my comfort level in returning to in-person classes was based on the precautions people reported in the survey I did last month. I sent the email to 40 people and we had 14 people take the survey.

Are you interested in returning to in-person classes on Mondays at 5:30pm?

  • Yes – 4
  • No – 4
  • Maybe with different precautions – 0
  • I will attend Via Zoom for now. – 6

Are you interested in returning to in-person classes on Wednesdays at 7am?

  • Yes – 4
  • No – 7
  • Maybe with different precautions – 0
  • I will attend Via Zoom for now. – 1

Will you wear a mask in class?

  • Yes, and I prefer that others do as well. – 4
  • I will wear a mask. – 3
  • No, but I will be mindful of others and practice social distancing. – 4

Because when we gather in person we share some risk, what has been your response to COVID-19?

  • Strict social distancing, only go out when necessary, and I always wear a mask. – 6
  • Have some exposure via work and community, I wear a mask in crowded places. – 7
  • I’m trying to live a normal life and respect other’s choices but seldom wear a mask. – 0
  • This is a Liberal hoax! – 0